Dance Connection
Jennifer Perry Luquette :  Owner / Artistic Director/ Instructor
819 West Port Street, Abbeville, La 70510, (337) 892-1299

Est. 2001

Dance Connection

Advanced III Curriculum

Ages 14-18, High School

Students are taught a combination class of Tap, Jazz, & continue to develop combinations in Contemporary/Improve. All lessons cover more technical skills, progressions and center combinations. They are expected to have mastered the basic skills of turns, leaps, and kicks. They are required to enroll in Advanced Ballet if they are to be a Senior Graduate.

Offered 2 hours, once a week.

Students will be grouped according to age and ability. Changes will be made when necessary. Final decisions concerning classifications will be made by the teacher.

-Advanced III will perform in Show #1 and #2 - Wednesday and Thursday