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Hip-Hop • Jazz • Tap • Ballet Classes

At Dance Connection, we take pride in teaching up to date styles of dance and techniques. We provide students with a safe and fun environment for dancers of all ages. Sign up for pointe, tap dance, jazz dance, hip hop classes, and ballet classes at our Abbeville, LA, dance studio.

Dance Connection
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!!Congratulations to the Dance Connection 2019 - 2020 Elite Team!!

Abigail Borel
Erin Bazar
Ava LeBlanc
Meg Touchet
Olivia Mouton
Lauren Mouton
Blair Saltzman
Mallie Gardiner
Hailey Broussard
Taylor Gunter

Lydia Luquette
Aubrey Landry
Theresa Bourgeios
Madison Beggs
Leah Lege'
Katherine Trahan
Remi Golden
Brihanna Moreno
Reese Menard

Jessica Freeman
Elizabeth Bernard
Ava Frederick
Kylie Istere
Sara Corinne Istre
Claire Richard
Gracy Broussard
Julie Romero
Ella Lalande

Emma Sonnier
Lauren Doucet
Camille LaPorte
Ellie Mire
Rachel Patout
Claire Alexander
Ella Caillouet
Carden Romero
Marlee Trahan

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