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Dance Connection Curriculum and Facility

Class Dress Codes

Dance Connection's studio has (2) rooms. All classes have at least (1) teacher and (1) assistant to 10 dancers; this ensures the proper technique is being developed by each student. The studio rooms are up-to-date with "floating dance floors"—thIS high-density, foam-based floors absorb the shock of landing, thus decreasing the amount of strain you put on your joints. Our (2) dance rooms are equipped with these floors and viewing windows. Both dance rooms have camera systems that stream live play on the (2) monitors located on both ends of the lobby area.

The lobby area has over 30 seats for waiting. The lobby also has a drink and a snack machine. We have over 50 convenient parking spots. Our Service areas are Abbeville, Kaplan, Erath, Delcambre, Perry, Milton, Broussard, Maurice, Lafayette, and New Iberia. Hours of Operations are Monday - Thursday, 4 PM - 9 PM.

Front of Building

Studio A (Large Room) Classes Average 20 students per class
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Hip Hop 1/2


1st & 2nd grade

Hip Hop 3/4

3rd & 4th grade

Hip Hop 5/6

5th & 6th grade

Hip Hop 7/8

7th & 8th grade

Hip Hop 9/HighSchool


Adv.Ballet / Point


Jr. Intermediate

3rd grade

Adv. Intermediate

4th grade

Jr. Advanced 

5th & 6th grade

Advanced I

7th & 8th grade

Advanced II

9th & 10th grade

Advanced III

High School

Dance Acrobatics

Studio Interior

Dancing Student

Studio A (Small Room) Classes average 13 per class
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Dance Acrobatics I


Kinder - Hop


Primary A


Primary B/Adv.Primary B


Adv. Primary A

4-5 - Pre-K

Beginner A

5-6 - Kinder

Beginner B/Adv. Beginner B

5-6 - Kinder & 1st

Adv. Beginner A

6-7 - 1st grade


7-8 - 2nd grade


Petite Ballet

8-10 yrs

Jr. Ballet/Pre-Pointe

11-13 yrs


Dance Connection

Lobby Area

Lobby Hallway

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